Tracking Nutrition Trends (TNT)
Canada’s longest-standing consumer-focused nutrition research poll

In 1989, the former National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) launched the TNT series to investigate the self-reported knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the adult Canadian population with respect to food and nutrition. The Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition (CCFN) continued this legacy until 2011. Each wave of the TNT series built on the previous findings and tracked changes over time. In 2011 CCFN ceased operations and donated its assets, including the TNT program, to the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR).
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Tracking Nutrition Trends Report X (2018) $150  
Tracking Nutrition Trends Reports:
IX (2015)
VIII (2013)
VII (2008)
VI (2006)
V (2004)

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2018 data set + Survey Questions
Older Data Sets and Survey Questions

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2018 and 2015 Survey questions are the same

In addition to tracking questions on nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, later TNT surveys were designed to obtain additional information on the importance of emerging factors in Canadians’ food choices and eating behaviours – factors such as nutrition labelling and out-of-home foods and eating habits. 

Over time, the intent of the TNT series has remained the same: to provide policy makers, health professionals, academics and the food industry with insight into Canadians’ perspectives on the importance of nutrition and their self-reported knowledge and behaviours. The TNT reports provide insight in formulating policies, developing communications on the role of food and nutrition in health, directing further nutrition research projects and making decisions on the development and marketing of food products.
CFDR currently holds the reports from 2004 (TNT V, sponsored by NIN and CCFN), 2006 (TNT VI, sponsored by CCFN), 2008 (TNT VII, sponsored by CCFN), 2013 (TNT VII, sponsored by CFDR), 2015 (TNT IX, sponsored by CFDR), and 2018 (TNT X) sponsored by CFDR).  
CFDR also holds data sets in spreadsheet format for 2013, 2015 and 2018.  Data from 2008 are available; however, these are not in spreadsheet format.
All reports and data are available from CFDR.  Purchase of reports and/or data are for the exclusive use of the buyer and the buyer must agree not to sell, rent, loan or otherwise distribute copies of the NTN reports/data. 
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